What To Do In Emergency Plumbing Situations?

plumbing repairExperiencing a plumbing emergency is never a pleasant situation to be in. When you notice that water is flooding your basement, you know there’s a great need for plumbing repair. But what must be done? What are the right steps to take in these emergency situations? In order to limit the extent of the damage, you must first remain calm. Panicking won’t help and it will only add to your problems.

Below is a checklist of things you should do when faced with an emergency plumbing problem:

Shut the main water valve

The first thing that you should do is shut off the water supply to the house. Quickly run outside the house or to where the main shutoff valve is located. You can easily turn off the water supply by turning the valve counterclockwise. This will buy you some time and keep water from flooding different areas of your home.

Turn off the water heater

After you have turned off the valve from the main supply line, check your water heater. Make sure that your water heater is turned off after you’ve shut the water connection from the mainline. This will prevent any problems with your water heater. In case your water heater runs on gas, switch off the gas first before turning off the main shutoff valve.

Deal with smaller leaks

Any smaller leaks will be easier to manage once the water supply has been shut off. Use plumbers tape to seal off any leaks. There will no longer be any pressure so any leaks will be closed off with minimal effort. Such makeshift repairs will be enough to keep everything in check until the plumber North Myrtle Beach arrives.

Open garden spigots

To avoid water from leaking out in different areas inside your home, open the garden spigots. This will take care of any remaining water in your pipes. The water will safely drain away from the house without damaging anything.

Call an emergency plumber

After you have successfully completed the checklist, you can then call an emergency plumber. The moment you have finished the checklist, you already made preparations and ensured that any issues are not exacerbated. The emergency plumber will then take care of the rest.

Why do plumbing issues happen?

There are a number of reasons why you may experience plumbing issues at home. For one, the lack of proper maintenance is the likely culprit. If your plumbing is not maintained properly, you might end up with plumbing emergencies sooner or later. It is best to schedule a plumber like NMB Plumbing Pros for maintenance and other tasks. If you have an older plumbing system, it is highly recommended to have regular maintenance. Bad installation may also play a part in plumbing emergencies. That’s why it is advised to hire only a professional plumber. A plumber might also advise a plumbing upgrade as a long-term solution rather than having to deal with occasional repairs.

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