Ways Of Telling You have a Burst Pipe

emergency plumberA burst pipe is a major plumbing issue that must be addressed right away. That’s why such occurrences must be detected before the problem could get any worse. The services of an emergency plumber will be necessary. This is to ensure that the problem is completely contained. The signs of a burst pipe become obvious the longer it gets undetected. By the time there’s are any visual cues regarding the matter, there will already be some form of damage.

The signs of a pipe burst

Difference in water pressure

When a pipe is burst, it will normally have signs along with it. One of the most common signs you can find is a dip in the water pressure. If for some reason the water pressure in some parts of your house seems to be lower, it might be due to a pipe burst. Call a North Myrtle Beach plumber to find out where the burst is and have it fixed immediately. There’s really no telling the extent of the damage until the problem is fully contained.

Water has a slight tint

Another common sign of a pipe burst is when the water becomes slightly brownish. Basically, the tint in your water doesn’t automatically imply there’s a pipe burst. It could simply be rust in the pipes. However, it could also be caused by a burst pipe and the water could be contaminated. If you ever find that water from the tap is discolored, don’t drink it. Call an expert for plumbing repair right away.

There’s a major spike in your water bill

Another obvious sign of a burst pipe is when your water bill rises unexpectedly. Most of the time, your water bill would rise significantly based on your usage patterns. However, if you haven’t been using water that much yet you still have a higher bill, you should be alarmed. It could be due to a pipe burst.

Freezing temperatures cause pipes to burst

There are ways on how to prevent pipes from bursting during the winter. Your local expert like NMB Plumbing Pros can tell you all about tips on how to prevent pipes from bursting. When the water inside the pipes freezes over, it then expands as it solidifies. The immense pressure could become too great for the pipe to handle and burst.

How to deal with a pipe burst

It is important that you control the situation as much as you can before the plumber arrives. This is to limit the damage the pipe burst could do. You may proceed with the following steps:

  • Shut off the water supply to the house.
  • Call your plumber.
  • Take pictures of videos and document the entire incident.
  • Clean up as much of the mess as you can.
  • Call your insurance company.

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