Top 10 DIY Plumbing Mishaps

plumberMost of the plumbing issues you have at home aren’t too serious. A lot of them could be fixed without having to call in a plumber. Of course, it would be best to have a plumber come over but if you can handle it on your own, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, this does not mean you aren’t prone to mistakes. Here are some of the most common plumbing mishaps that DIYers often make:

When things go wrong with your DIY plumbing repair, call a plumber right away

  1. Over tightening connections – there’s a limit to how much torque you can put into bolts and pipe fittings. Making sure connections are tight is an important part in good plumbing. However, just how much is enough and when do you need to stop? Over tightening connections is one of the common mistakes that DIYers make. Unlike a residential plumber, most DIYers don’t know what the threshold is for tightening.
  1. Using the wrong tape – there’s a certain kind of tape that you need to use when fitting pipes. The white tape that you often see is called Teflon tape. This is a special tape that is mainly used for plumbing. This tape helps in keeping the pipe thread watertight. The usage is quite simple. You need to wrap a certain amount of tape on the tread. However, there is one simply thing that most DIYers overlook. The tape must be wrapped in the same direction as the thread. If the tape is wrapped counterclockwise, it would unravel and defeat the entire purpose of using it.
  1. Using drain cleaners – it’s not really a bad thing to use drain cleaners. However, consumers should be wary about what they pour down the drain. Despite what the products may claim, some often do more harm than good. Some drain cleaners are actually corrosive and may damage your pipes.
  1. Having no spare parts – taking apart the broken plumbing is one thing and making replacements is another. In the event of failure, do you have spare parts available? Most DIYers don’t. If you are planning on making repairs, make sure parts are ready before taking apart your plumbing.
  1. Not turning off the water – the main water valve must be turned off before any work could be done. It’s the basic rule but some people still forget to do this first.
  1. Too much force – as with tightening pipes and bolts, it’s not also good to use too much force when loosening. This goes for shut off valves that are stuck. Use lubricant instead of shear elbow grease.
  1. Not having the right tools – let’s face it, if you don’t have the right tools you won’t be making any repairs possible. Even if you have skills, not having the right tools will keep you from making any repairs or upgrades.
  1. Not having enough know-how – if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of plumbing, you should not consider making repairs on your own. Instead, just call a residential plumber in North Myrtle Beach.
  1. Using the wrong parts – you might get away with using parts that are not intended for certain parts. However, this is not a guarantee that problems will stay away for long. It’s always better to have the right parts for the repairs.
  1. Not considering a plumber – of course, if you plan on DIY plumbing repairs, you would expect to make everything by yourself. However, not all cases end up well. It’s best to have a backup plan and hire a plumber like NMB Plumbing Pros when necessary.

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