Tips That Will Help You Solve Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

plumber North Myrtle BeachIf you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom, and plumbing problems are keeping you from doing the more important parts, keep reading. In any case, you should call in your plumber North Myrtle Beach to give you an insight on how to fix your plumbing problems as well as incorporate new plumbing your design. Here are some tips that will help you solve those plumbing problems in your bathroom:

Hide that ugly pipework from plain sight

Your bathroom plumbing might be the last thing in your mind if you try to remodel your bathroom. However, it should be the first thing that you should take notice since it will be an important part of the system. If you want to make your bathroom look elegant after remodeling, you should conceal your pipework as best as you can. This will give you a clutter-free finish and more space in your bathroom.

Use flexible pipework if you have a smaller space

It’s tough to work pipes into a small area. It just gets too congested to get everything into the right place. To resolve this, use flexible pipework instead. This will give your local plumber easier access to all areas of the bathroom without compromising functionality.

Give room for waste pipes by raising floor level

You want your bathroom to drain water as fast as possible. You don’t want to get clogged drains every now and then because of inadequate waste pipes.

Install isolation valves for easier maintenance

If you still want to have a working bathroom even if there’s one part that’s having a problem, you should install isolation valves. This will allow your bathroom to continue functioning while some pipes are in repair. This also makes for easier maintenance as well.

Make sure pipework for showers are properly done

If you have a more powerful shower, be sure that your drain pipes are adequately sized. If your drain pipes are rather small and you’ve got a fairly powerful shower, expect water pooling on the floor. Use a 50mm drain pipe instead of the standard 40mm diameter.

Make sure you have enough water pressure

Before settling on a particular shower brand, be sure that you have enough pressure on your hot and cold supply. Gravity-fed systems would normally not have enough pressure to supply shower and tap mixers. You wouldn’t have a satisfying shower if that’s the case. You could go for a shower head that’s design for lower pressure, but it’s not the best solution. A better solution is to use a pump to increase the water pressure, providing sufficient pressure, giving you that satisfying shower.

This also applies for circulating hot water. You could also install a bronze pump so hot water circulates faster. This way, when you turn on the tap, hot water will run immediately.

Use an on-demand electric shower

If you have problems with hot water, you could install an electric shower instead. Check with your residential plumber on how you can have this installed. This way, you don’t need to worry about hot water taking too long to circulate. You could simply turn the shower on and hot water will be available whenever you want.

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