Tips For Eco-Friendly Plumbing

plumberWith today’s homeowners become more environmentally-conscious, there’s no sparing anything that can be turned green. From the eco-friendly roof, windows, doors, and more comes green plumbing. It’s needless to say why homeowners would opt for green products. With today’s focus on being environmentally-friendly, everything has become green including plumbing. So how do you get green plumbing? First of all, you will need a little bit of help from your plumber and some information on how it can all be done. Check out the rest of this article for all the information you will need.

How to get eco-friendly plumbing

Before diving headfirst into the eco-friendly plumbing trend, let’s dig a little deeper into the costs associated with such upgrades. For the most part, you will only be upgrading your plumbing and not replacing it entirely. Some areas may need to be redone entirely, while others just require some add-ons. Also, you will be requiring help if you are not experienced at doing plumbing yourself. A good chunk of the costs would go to hiring a residential plumber. The rest is basically making a list of upgrades for your existing plumbing system. Here are some of the upgrades and add-ons that you can get:

  1. Insulated pipes – heat tends to escape through pipes, which makes a heating system less efficient. However, this could be alleviated with proper piping insulation. Another way of avoiding heat loss if to run pipes inside the home than out. This will prevent heat from escaping on the outside.
  1. On-demand hot water pumps – no more waiting for hot water. On-demand hot water pumps allow for fast hot water production. This is beneficial since the system does not rely on additional pipes to work which also means no water is routed through external pipes for the system to work.
  1. Installing low-flow fixtures and toilets – there’s one nifty trick to make your plumbing eco-friendly without spending too much. Low-flow fixtures and toilets offer the same functionality as their traditional counterparts but with less water. Using these would reduce water consumption by about 60%. The effects are significant which is why more homeowners are making the switch. If you do plan on switching from traditional to low-flow fixtures and toilets, contact your local North Myrtle Beach plumber first for a free quote.
  1. Faucet flow reducers – there’s no home out there that doesn’t open a faucet every single day. However, the conventional faucet can sometimes let out more water than you might need. Flow reducers make up for the extra pressure and limit the water flow. This doesn’t necessarily mean that water flow will be too low for convenient use. Flow reducers only decrease the flow of water to a point where wasted water drops significantly.
  1. Energy efficient appliances – aside from low power consumption, energy-efficient appliances like dishwashers and washing machines also use far less water than traditional ones.

It will take quite some effort from any homeowner to switch to green plumbing. It will also be a huge investment. However, the benefits will be easily felt and the impact on nature will be mostly positive. If you consider going green with your plumbing, hire experts like NMB Plumbing Pros, they can help you with anything related to plumbing.

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