Things To Do When Your Toilet Leaks

toilet repairWhen you think toilet issues at home are the least of your problems, think again. If have toilet problems at home, you will have a bad day. You just can’t do your business with a broken toilet. Let’s face it. It’s our reality and a broken toilet just won’t do you any good. That’s why you should always seek expert help when it comes to toilet repair. Toilet problems could range anywhere from leaks to a serious malfunction. And of course, you have to get it fixed right away. When nature calls, you just can’t help it. You got to go when it’s about to go but you will need a working toilet. When your toilet starts to leak, call a professional immediately before the problem escalates.

What to do when you run into a plumbing problem

Your toilet is the last thing you want to get broken. It will literally be a mess. So what do you do when your toilet leaks? – You call in an emergency plumber, of course. Although you can try to sort out the solution, you can’t always guarantee that you can fix it. It’s better to leave it to the experts and have it fixed in one go rather than DIYing it to no avail. The next best thing that you can do is to learn what causes toilet leaks and how you can prevent from coming back.

Things that cause a leaking toilet

A leaking supply line – most of the time, the culprit behind a leaking toilet is a leaking supply line. There are a number of reasons why the supply line may leak. One, the joints connecting the supply line to the toilet may have been loose or worn out. Second, mechanical damage may have triggered the leak. Either way, these leaks can be fixed with ease and some elbow grease.

A faulty toilet tank – your toilet tank is quite fragile despite looking heavy and clunky. A good smack can cause some cracks which lead to leaks. The toilet fill valve will continue to fill the tank with water since there’s no system in place to stop the water from being replenished in case of leaks.

A stuck flapper – aside from leaks, a stuck flapper can lead to serious water loss. This usually happens when the flush handle doesn’t revert back to its original position, causing the water to drain away while the fill valve continues to do its thing.

Faulty connections – your toilet has various connections and some of them could cause the toilet to leak if they become worn out. The best thing to do is to have worn out pieces replaced. Call your emergency plumber for the job to ensure that it is done right.  DIY is always an option but there is no assurance that you could get the problem fixed as soon as you want to.

Always remember, professionals are always better when it comes to fixing things and that includes fixing leaking toilets. Experts like NMB Plumbing Pros are always ready to answer your call whenever a plumbing problem arises.

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