Plumbing Hacks – Solving Low Water Pressure Problems

plumberThere are plenty of reasons why your home’s water pressure could drop and it is just downright annoying. When water pressure dips below the ideal level, normal tasks become harder and longer to complete. So how does water pressure drop and how can this be resolved? Luckily, there are ways on how to correct your problem with inadequate water pressure. Given that the problem isn’t coming from the main water supply, it can be easily resolved. If not, you can always call your local plumber for assistance. Here are a number of things that you can do to fix drops in water pressure:

How your plumbing affects water pressure

There are a few reasons why your water pressure could drop. The primary culprit is the main water supply. If your house is fairly new and everything was normal and all of a sudden the water pressure drops, it may not be your plumbing that’s causing it just yet. In this case, there’s little that you can do since it’s the water supply that were talking about here. However, these dips in water pressure usually don’t last long. However, if your neighbors aren’t having problems with your water pressure, it might be your plumbing that’s causing the issue. Here are four common causes why your water pressure is constantly dipping.

Water meter valve not fully open – if you recently had a plumbing job done by a residential plumber, chances are that your water meter valve hasn’t been turned all the way. It may not seem likely to happen but it does. It’s easy to check if this is the issue and it should be the first thing that you check. The water meter valve may be found in a number of areas. Some homes have it on an outside wall of the house, in an interior utility area, in an underground box somewhere near your home, in your basement or in the garage. Either way, it’s good to start checking the water meter valve first before looking elsewhere.

Main shutoff valve not open all the way – aside from the water meter valve, the next thing you need to check is the main shutoff valve. This valve is normally found inside the house for convenient control of water flow. Unless you have had any work done to your plumbing, you should be looking for the culprit in other placed. The main shutoff valve doesn’t normally get a lot of attention which makes it the unlikely cause but is still a good place to start.

Failing pressure regulator – the main use of a pressure regulator is to regulate the flow of water that will not damage your pipes. However, the pressure regulator can sometimes fail and either cause excess or extremely low pressures. In either case, it will be a good idea to call a residential plumber in North Myrtle Beach to resolve such problems.

Worn out steel pipes – if your house is old enough that it came with steel pipes, you could experience dips in your water pressure. Steel pipes can corrode and become clogged over time. This causes the water pressure to drop significantly. Unless the clogs are removed or the pipes replaced, the water pressure won’t return to normal levels. In such cases, the help of experts like NMB Plumbing Pros is very much needed.

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