Simple Plumbing Tips For Beginners

North Myrtle Beach PlumberAre you excited to learn how to handle simple plumbing problems that come up at home? You can save a few hundreds of dollars by fixing overflowing toilets or dripping faucets yourself. Deal with minor plumbing issues before they become large and costly concerns that only a professional plumber can solve. Listed below are six useful tips to help you fix plumbing issues once you have the right tools to get the job done.

Replacing Parts In The Toilet Or Faucet

Tinkering with the pipes on your shower or under the sink can result in messy problems if you commit a mistake. But, there’s very little you can do to damage them if your intention is only to replace the faucet’s cartridge or the toilet’s flapper. One of the common causes of leaks between the bowl and the toilet tank is a worn out flapper. It will only cost you a few bucks to replace it. You can check out nearby hardware or home improvement stores and you will surely find a package or kit that comes with simple instructions for replacement.

Faucets these days can be fixed using the interior with a brand new cartridge. You just have to remove at least one screw. In case you notice your toilet running frequently, or perhaps your sink is dripping constantly, buy the right replacement parts and give it a go.

Remove Clogs Without Using Chemicals

If your drain is clearing slowly, you don’t have to buy costly chemical drain cleaners. You can unclog the drain manually using a drain snake. Simply insider the drain snake into the drain and pull it back out. Doing this repeatedly will hopefully take out the clog culprit. In case you don’t have a drain snake or want to find an alternative, you can suck out the clog using a wet/dry shop vacuum.

Check Your Showerhead

One of the best and easiest methods of fixing a dripping showerhead is using a thread tape. The most likely cause of this problem is loose threads. Remove the showerhead, apply the new thread tap, and reattach the showerhead to stop the drip. In case you are dealing with a clogged showerhead, soak it in a bowl filled with water and vinegar for one hour. Loosen up any mineral deposits that may have built up and causing the blockages with a small brush.

Use Thread Tap Instead Of Thread Sealing Compounds

Thread sealing compounds or pipe dope is prone to dripping and smearing. For many DIY projects that involve pipe threads, using a thread tape usually works well or in some cases much better. You can purchase a multipurpose tape (color white). Thicker tapes come in a pink color for water and yellow color for gas. If you are looking for easier handling, go with the thicker options.

Loosen Tough Water Pipe Fittings Using Heat

If you are having difficulties loosening up a pipe fitting or the trap under the sink using a wench, you should consider applying heat. You can use a small propane torch. Be sure to apply the heat for a few minutes. You should also protect nearby walls by covering them with heat resistant materials.

Have A More Efficient Water Heater

Make sure that your water heater’s thermostat is set properly. Consider insulating your water heater’s tank but don’t include the thermostat if you do so. If you live in a place where sediment accumulates swiftly in the lines, drain a quart of water from the tank at least every three months.

You might be hesitant to deal with plumbing projects on your own, however, minor leaks and clogs can, in most cases, be fixed without calling a professional North Myrtle Beach plumber. It is always a good idea to have your plumber’s contact number on hand in case you come across a plumbing issue that you cannot fix by yourself.

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