Residential Plumbing Tips For New Homeowners

residential plumbingIf you are a new homeowner, residential plumbing has a different role in your vocabulary. This means you no longer have to call the supervisor or maintenance crew in your building. You will be on your own when it comes to dealing with a plumbing concern or you can call a professional plumber. The plumbing word does not have to be a scary one. You’ve got this. With the basic knowledge of your home’s plumbing system, you might be able to deal with some simple plumbing issues at home.

Precautions and Planning

Know what things cost, how you can prevent plumbing problems, and how you can prepare for both small and big plumbing issues. You also need to know how to carry out simple plumbing repairs.

So, you have your new home and you would like to show it off to your family and friends. You want to make sure that their bathroom experience is a positive one since nobody wants to be the guest who says I broke something in your bathroom. Be sure to inspect and deal with leaking faucets, slow drains, as well as weak flushing toilets to avoid awkward situations for you and your house guests. In case you cannot deal with the plumbing repairs on your own, be sure to call a North Myrtle Beach plumber right away.

Monthly/Yearly Maintenance

Maintaining your plumbing system monthly can go a long way. Every month you need to clean the dishwasher drain bin and the garbage disposal. You should also run water and flush toilets in spaces that are not being used often, and check as well as replace HVAC filters as required. There are several things you need to do at least once a year. This includes flushing the water heater, testing your sump pump, inspecting for silent leaks such as the sinks, dishwashers, toilets, showers, and refrigerators. You must also get rid of sediment from the showerheads.


Your new home will eventually become older. Or maybe you purchased an older house with the intention to upgrade it. You need to remember that an average bathroom renovation will cost more than $15,000. Do you have to change the plumbing itself or perhaps just the fixtures? If it is the former then you really have to save because North Myrtle Beach plumbing renovations can be costly. If it is the latter, you still have to save so you can buy visually pleasing as well as fully functional plumbing fixtures.

DIY VS. Pro Residential Plumber

Among the biggest plumbing concerns of a homeowner is knowing what he can and cannot do himself. If your jewelry went down the drain, you can simply check the P-trap underneath your sink. You need to stop the water right away and place a bucket below the pipe, disconnect by taking out the J-bend nuts on both ends and shake out the jewelry, and then reconnect. Now if you have problems with your plumbing system in your basement and you can see water on the floor, this might be due to a sump pump problem or leaking pipes. It is better to call a professional plumbing contractor from NMB Plumbing Pros.

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