Residential Plumbing Tips – Fixing A Running Toilet

residential plumbingProbably one of the most irritating residential plumbing issues is a running toilet. If it’s going to go, it’s going to go and a running toilet will only make matters worse. There could be numerous reasons why your toilet would go haywire. One reason is that something could has gotten stuck somewhere. Another reason is when there’s a faulty toilet component that needs to be fixed or replaced. Either way, such a problem needs to be resolved right away. The best way to deal with this kind of situation is to call an emergency plumber. However, you could try to fix the problem on your own but be warned. The problem could get worse with DIY solutions. Proceed with caution as to not make matters worse.

How to fix a running toilet

A running toilet happens when the toilet keeps running or flushing water even if not in use. It could result in a lot of water loss if not fixed right away. Finding the cause of the problem is quite tricky. There are different components that could possibly be the culprit. You should contact your local North Myrtle Beach plumber and have the problem repaired or you could do it yourself. Be warned, though. DIY plumbing repair will not guarantee good results. If you still wish to proceed with DIY solutions, do the following:

Check the flapper valve

The flapper valve is a piece of rubber at the bottom of the tank that opens and closes whenever the toilet is being used. It seals the opening when not in use and lifts up when the user is going to flush. The flapper valve must create a watertight seal. If not, the toilet could spew out water uncontrollably.

Inspect the chain

There is a chain that is connected to the flapper valve that is used for lifting it up. The chain must be not tangled with any other component.

A faulty float or tube

The floater is a device that helps in regulating the water entering the tank. It serves as a mechanism to detect the level of water. If the floater reaches a certain height, the tank will refill water. For plumbing repairs, you should have the right tools and know certain procedures to quickly solve the problem.

Items you will be needing:

Step 1 – prepare the area

Be sure that the bathroom is clean and that there are no obstructions in the area. Make sure that there is a pair of gloves ready for use.

Step 2 – use a plunger

Using the plunger might seem easy but it is not that simple. There’s a correct way of using a plunger. The flange plunger must be at the correct angle to create a seal. Your first plunge should be gentle. The following plunges could be done vigorously as long as the seal is there.

Step 3 – use a drain snake

If all else fails, use a drain snake to dislodge anything that could be clogging the toilet. All of these steps may sound easy. However, doing it in person is an entirely different story. For the best results, call NMB Plumbing Pros and skip the DIY repair.

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