What Plumbing Tips Should Every Homeowner North Myrtle Beach Know?

Plumber North Myrtle BeachAs homeowners, it’s helpful to understand the ins and outs of our home. With that being said, knowing a lot about how your plumbing works can be of great help especially if you are faced with a plumbing emergency. Being aware of how your plumbing operates gives you the advantage of knowing when to call a plumber North Myrtle Beach and times when you can do your own repairs. If you are not too confident about what you know in regards to you plumbing, continue reading this article.

Plumbing tips that you should know:

Find the main shut-off valve and know how to use it

In case of a plumbing emergency, you need to quickly cut the water supply to your home. This will limit the damage and contain the situation until the plumber North Myrtle Beach, SC arrives. But first, you need to know where the main shut-off vale is located and understand how to turn it on and off. In most cases, shut-off valves are easy to use. You simply need to turn to one direction to either close or open the water supply. This bit of knowledge will come in handy in case your plumbing goes haywire.

Understand the dos and don’ts of a garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal unit can work wonders. With it, you can dispose of garbage easily and rid yourself the hassle of having to throw the trash out. However, your disposal unit can’t take in everything you chuck into it. Despite being used to grind trash to bits, the garbage disposal uinit is still a sensitive piece of plumbing equipment. There are certain food items that should never be put in the disposal unit. Here are some of the things that you should never put in:

  • Oils, grease, and fats
  • Rough bones
  • Pasta and rice
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Non-food items

Know how to properly use a plunger

A plunger is a humble tool that can get you out of tight situations. However, it will only be useful if you know how to use it. Also, not all plungers are the same. Although all of the variants work under the same concept, there are some designs specifically made for certain applications like toilets and drains. In general, using a plunger is simple. What you need to make sure is that the plunger makes a tight seal. Then, you need to push down quickly and with a little bit of force. With enough tries, you can dislodge whatever is clogging your drain, sink, or toilet.

How to keep pipes from freezing over

During the winter, any exposed or non-insulated pipes are under threat of freezing over. When your pipes do freeze over, it’s something that could ruin your day or week quite easily. However, there are simple ways on how you could keep your pipes from freezing. Here are some tips you could follow:

  • Open cabinet doors to circulate warm air
  • Open the faucets slightly to keep water flowing
  • Insulate any exposed pipes to reduce the chances of freezing.


For all kinds of plumbing concerns, you should contact an expert like NMB Plumbing Pros. Professional plumbing repair, upgrades, or installation is always better and safer than makeshift plumbing projects.

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