Plumbing Tips For New Home Construction

residential plumberBuilding a brand new home can both be rewarding and frustrating. You have got the chance to choose what materials, plumbing, and heating and cooling system you would like to have in your new home. To stop stressing over the plumbing for your new home, expert residential plumbers shares five tips for your new home construction.

Water Heater and Furnace In The Basement

By far the most convenient pot in your home where you can install your new furnace and water heater is in the basement. However, if you your home plan does not include building a basement, then you can install both of these appliances on the main floor of your home. One perfect place where you can store the furnace and water heater is the utility closet.

Centralize Plumbing In The Basement

It will make it way easier for licensed residential plumbers to fix an issue if everything has been placed in a single location, like in the same corner of the basement. If you are designing and building your new house, NMB Plumbing Pros recommend that you install these plumbing appliances close to each other. These are the furnace, water heater, water softener, sewer connection, sewage ejector pit, and basement sump pump.

Be Sure The Main Water Shut Off Valve Is Accessible

Like what its name suggests, the function of the main water shut off valve is to turn on and off the whole water supply for your house. In case there is a leak or maybe a clog in the main sewer line, you will want to be able to get to the main water shut off valve right away. In case your house will have a crawlspace, be sure that the main valve is placed somewhere in your living space. You will save yourself the headache and frustration of having to crawl underneath your home with a flashlight in your hand by installing the valve in a spot that can be accessed easily.

The Sump Pump Discharge Must be Away From Your Home

The main purpose of the sump pump will be to pump water that would have caused flooding in your home away from it instead. However, if the sump pump discharge line is not linked to the storm sewer, then this will make keeping the basement dry a bit harder. To avoid water damage in your brand new house, be sure that the discharge line of the sump pump is directed to a place where the water could safely drain away from your house.

Install Plumbing For The Water Softener

Water softeners are perfect for houses where hard water problems are quite common. But, even if you do not require a water softener, it is still recommended to install the plumbing for it. The installation of plumbing North Myrtle Beach for your brand new house means you have to remember that your plumbing requirements might change in a few years. Water softener systems are likewise attractive to potential home buyers in case you decide to sell your home later on. The installation of a water softener would also be a lot easier if the plumbing system they need is already there.

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