5 Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Businesses


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If you are running a commercial establishment or own a commercial building, you will eventually run into some plumbing problems at least once. There are some issues that you can handle on your own and there are others that need the expertise of a professional plumber. Listed below are a few commercial plumbing tips you can use to fix basic plumbing issues.

Identifying Leaks

Shower heads and faucets that are dripping can be annoying but they are definitely more than that. Leaks indicate a problem with your commercial plumbing system that can cost you hundreds or even thousands on your water bill if you disregard them. Additionally, leaks will simply get worse if you leave them unchecked, which could lead to bigger issues that are more expensive to fix. Double check the handles of showers and sinks to do a plumbing leak test. Be sure that they are turned off so you can see if the fixtures are dripping. You must also check the area surrounding your plumbing for indications of water damage.

Having Low Water Pressure

In case you own a gym or hotel, this tip is something that you need to know by heart. If you have low water pressure, you’re sure to get countless customer complaints. Old clients might not even go back and they might also scare away new clients once they give a bad review. There is a way for you to avoid all these and that is to constantly check the water pressure in your sinks and water pressure. Take a pressure gauge and test as well as measure the water pressure moving in your plumbing system.

Clogged Drains

Check the sinks in your commercial establishment. Make sure that they are draining as they supposed to. If they are draining slower than usual, then the pipes could be clogged. An obstructed drain will just get worse if you don’t take care of it right away. Fortunately, the solution to this kind of plumbing problem is quite simple. All you need is pour a mixture of white vinegar and hot water down the drain at least once every three months. This will get rid of any debris that could be obstructing the drain. Getting this done regularly can prevent the clogs from becoming worse.

Silent Leaks

There are leaks that are not visible to the eye or perhaps you don’t know about. A sewer leak or pipe leak can be haunting your commercial building, wasting hundreds or even thousands of gallons every year, which could mean higher water bills. Be sure to watch out for higher than normal water bills as well as the other common indications of water damage like sitting water, discoloration, and peeling paint.  You must also get your plumbing system checked thoroughly by an expert. A plumbing contractor will perform a leak test and make sure that there are no silent leaks in your building.

Preventing Maintenance

Most of the issues that show up in North Myrtle Beach commercial plumbing aren’t always evident right away, especially if they are taking place in the underground plumbing. You most likely won’t notice them until they cause serious damages. This isn’t just bad for your wallet but also for your tenants or clients. The best way to avoid this property and financial damage are through preventative maintenance. By doing so, you can identify and fix minor problems before they become worse. Don’t forget to hire a plumber to examine the entire plumbing system and identify potential or existing plumbing problems.

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