Plumbing 101 – The Causes And Solutions For Noisy Pipes

residential plumberWhile it’s common for your kids and your pets to make quite a racket, your pipes should not. It’s uncommon for properly working pipes to be noisy. If you do notice some noise produced by your pipes, this indicates that there may be something wrong. If you have no clue as to why this is happening, you should consult your local residential plumber immediately. It may be a sign of something urgent. If you are confident enough that you can solve the problem on your own, here are some insights on the common causes of noisy pipes and their corresponding solution.

What your plumber would tell you about noisy pipes

Water hammering – one of the most common noises that you would hear from your pipes is hammering. This basically happens due to the pressure of the water inside the pipes. The greater the pressure, the higher the possibility of hammering. Your pipes would rattle around, creating that hammering noise. Normally there are risers that prevent hammering from happening. It primarily serves as an air cushion, providing some sort of relief for the pressure inside the pipes, keeping it from hammering.

Loose pipes – another common cause of noise are loose pipes. When pipes are loose, they can rattle or sway when large volumes of water is flushed. This could easily be alleviated by putting support on suspended pipes. However, you would need to do some crawling underneath your house to detect where the noisy pipe is. If you don’t want to do the grueling task of crawling in dark spaces, you may hire a plumbing contractor for the job. It is also a more convenient option if you are claustrophobic.

Worn out washer – when the washer in your faucet and in the valves that connect to the washing machine is already worn out, it will cause a squealing noise. There’s only one solution to this problem and that’s to replace the washer or the faucet and vales entirely. If you don’t have the proper tools to take apart your faucet, leave it to a plumbing contractor in North Myrtle Beach. It’s the most suitable option.

Faulty shutoff valve – another source of that annoying noise is the main shutoff valve. It is easy to notice that the main shutoff valve is a fault when the noise resonates throughout the entire house. Sometimes the culprit is the water pressure regulator. Just like faucets and other valves, the option is to open the valve and replace the faulty parts or replace the whole unit entirely.

Noisy toilets – we all know the flushing sound of a toilet. However, if your toilet is making funny sounds during flushing, there must be something wrong. Often times, the ballcock assembly is the part that causes the rattling noise during the refilling cycle. This could be easily replaced or fixed if it only needs minor adjustments. Again, always consult a professional plumber when encountering any form of issues with your plumbing. Professionals like NMB Plumbing Pros can easily diagnose the problem and give you a lasting solution.

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