Tips On Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Unit From Malfunctioning

plumbing contractorGarbage disposal units are quite popular due to the fact that you don’t have to worry much about the food waste you may have. However, not all types of food could be processed through the garbage disposal. There are certain food items that should be avoided. Do bear in mind that your garbage disposal unit is still susceptible to damage especially when handled incorrectly. That’s why you should ask your plumbing contractor for tips on how to use it when you have it installed. For other useful tips, read the rest of this article.

Tip – Avoid pouring down foods that will give your plumbing and disposal unit a hard time

Make sure you use a lot of water – every single time you run your disposal, switch on the cold water while the food is being cut up. After checking if the sound of your motor has become soft, switch off the device and let the water remain for half a minute. The running water will certainly bring any kind of remaining fragments out of the disposal and will certainly better flush the pipelines. In case there are some fragments that are stuck, call a plumbing contractor in North Myrtle Beach to have it taken out immediately.

Use cold instead of warm water – While warm water will not damage the components, cold water is better while running the disposal. Warm water will dissolve oils as well as fats. When they are in fluid form, grease sticks to the blades and which will cause problems later on. In the case of build-ups, call a plumber. Don’t proceed with DIY repairs as this could further the damage to your unit.

Don’t put in hard or fibrous foodgarbage disposal units are for foods that grind into little bits and also items easily. Hard seeds, bones, and other hard food items are not suited and your disposal unit will have a really hard time processing them if you continue pouring them down. The smaller items can get stuck in the blades causing them to malfunction. Foods that are loaded with fibers must be avoided altogether. In addition, fibers from different foods could get tangled up on the blades, which could cause the motor to stop.

Give your disposal unit a nice clean – aside from keeping the rest of your plumbing clean, you should also make sure your disposal is in good condition. With time, it is all-natural for sludge to stick on the sides as well as blades of your home appliance. It is best to avoid utilizing harsh chemicals since they can damage the parts of your gadget. You can obtain a natural chain reaction by putting sodium bicarbonate down the drain as well as pouring vinegar in addition to it. One more very easy approach is to incorporate the honing with the cleansing by disobliging a cup of rock salt down the tubes when you grind up your ice.

Never place your fingers in the disposal – When wedged food is gotten rid of, the sudden launch of tension can make the blades spring into action and create injury. Attempt utilizing pliers. If that doesn’t function, call a plumber ahead as well as fix the device.

Garbage disposal units can sometimes be a bit finicky. Even with certain precautions, you can still find yourself in tight situations. Although the chances are slim, the possibility of a breakdown is still there. That’s why it is best to have your plumbing, including your disposal unit, maintained by professionals like NMB Plumbing Pros.

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