How To Prevent Backflow Problems

backflowThe water that gets inside your house should only be a one way. If it is not, then you have a backflow problem. Even the fresh water supply can be contaminated every time typical normal water pressure in the plumbing system suddenly drops and the water supply flow reverses, sucking out the unhealthy water from sources that are cross connected to the fresh water system and drinking water supply. Toilet tanks, washing machines, dishwashing, lawn sprinkler systems, swimming pools, gutters, and even garbage cans can be a source of unhealthy backflow water.

Reason Why Pressure Drops

North Myrtle Beach backflow that happens during an immediate decrease in municipal water pressure can occur in several ways. Some of the most common origins include a busted water main as well as the opening of the fire hydrant to give off a high water volume or a malfunctioning municipal pumping station. If a significant amount of water pressure is taken out of the system at a certain point, water might be drawn back into the system at other points nearby.

Preventing Backflow

The first thing you need to do is to schedule a backflow inspection every year to check any possible contamination sources. Backflow inspection may be something that you do not give much attention to. However, you need to know that if you continue to disregard it, you might just be putting the life of your family at risk.

An experienced plumber could install devices in the plumbing system anywhere wastewater and fresh water might be cross connected. In case the flow reverses, the installed device can prevent contaminated water from getting into the supply water system.

There are two ways to prevent backflow predominate in residences. The first one is the hose bib. It is a device that can help prevent backflow and protects one outlet such as an outdoor water faucet. Water pressure is permitted in a single direction only if there is a spring in the compact assembly. In case the municipal water pressure decreases, the spring will close and the valve that will discharge back flowing water will open before it gets into the fresh water supply.

The other type is the pressure type vacuum breakers. It is installed in pipes that will supply water to a home sprinkler system. It is a pressure kid of device that regularly senses any system pressure. In case the system pressure will become negative and fall below the air pressure that gets inside an above ground inlet, a check valve will close so it could prevent potential backflow.

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