How To Avoid Plumbing Mishaps After Thanksgiving

emergency plumberIf you think your kitchen is quite busy this holiday season, wait until you see what goes on in your plumbing. With that in mind, there is more reason to be careful with what you throw into the garbage disposal. You don’t want to be having plumbing issues in the middle of the holidays. However, if you do find yourself in a pinch, always look for the best emergency plumber in your area. Here are some tips on how to avoid issues with your garbage disposal in the middle of the season where you need it the most.

Don’t abuse your garbage disposal unit to avoid a plumbing disaster

  1. Be careful how much you throw in – your garbage disposal unit may work wonders during the holidays but it does have its limits. You simply can’t stuff everything down the disposal unit in one go. You need to gradually feed all the food waste to avoid clogging your pipes and overworking your disposal unit.
  1. Be watchful of what goes into your disposal – there are those times that you just don’t notice what goes into the disposal. Not that it’s bad all the time but sometimes it can hurt your unit. Be careful of what goes into the disposal unit if you don’t want to spend the rest of the holidays calling a North Myrtle Beach plumber. If you want to get through the holiday season without your garbage disposal breaking down, keep an eye out on what goes into the disposal unit.
  1. Avoid bones, grease, and fibrous food waste – it’s tempting to throw any sort of food waste into the garbage disposal unit. It’s for garbage, right? So why not put everything in it? While your garbage disposal unit may work wonders for you even in regular days, it has a number of limitations.

First of all, bones are not to be put in there. Bones can dull the blades or worse, damage them. Second, grease is not good for your disposal unit and the rest of your plumbing. While you may think that it’s fine, it’s totally not. Grease can stick to the inner walls of your plumbing causing clogs. Lastly, fibrous food waste should be avoided altogether. Fibrous foods like celery can tangle up your disposal unit and cause it to malfunction. If you don’t want spend most of your holidays dealing with plumbing issues, take good care of your disposal unit. This also goes for the rest of your plumbing.

When calling a plumber, be sure that you have exhausted all of your best efforts. This is to minimize the amount of work that the plumber needs to do. Not only will this save you time, you will also pay less for the plumber. Do remember, that it is the holidays and hiring a plumber in this season would cost you more than regular days.

Also, when you hire a plumber, be sure that you are hiring the professionals. Don’t go for those shady ads with the cheap prices. They will only lead to more problems. Always hire professionals like NMB Plumbing Pros to ensure your plumbing issues will be resolved accordingly.

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