Emergency Plumber: When Do You Need One?

emergency plumberThere’s no written rule on what differentiates a minor plumbing issue from a major emergency. Most homeowners fail to notice the severity of an issue and dismissing it as a minor plumbing concern. This mindset must be stopped. In general, any plumbing emergency can turn into a nightmare when left unattended. There are a number of signs that can tell you whether the problem at hand requires the expertise of an emergency plumber or not. To be certain, it’s best to call in a plumber every time you experience a problem with your plumbing. For people who want to save their money and call plumbers when it is really needed, here are some tips:

How to classify issues as plumbing emergencies

Flooding – this one is very obvious. If you walk into your bathroom or basement and see that it’s already flooded with water, there’s no time to think. It’s a major concern and it must be stopped right away. Calling an emergency plumber North Myrtle Beach is your best hope in controlling the situation at hand. To minimize the damage, you can go outside the house and look for the main shutoff valve. This will cut the water supply leading to the house. You won’t be able to use water until the issue is fixed. However, you can limit the water damage by doing so.

Burst pipes – flooding can easily be caused by burst pipes. It’s rather unfortunate when pipes burst. However, this issue can easily be prevented by proper maintenance. Keeping your plumbing in check is easily done by hiring a plumbing contractor.

Frozen pipes – this typically happens in areas where temperatures drop below the freezing point. The cold temperatures seep through water pipes and freeze water inside. This causes the water to expand and burst the pipes. It’s a major issue that should be dealt with immediately. If these issues are not addressed right away, it could lead to more serious issues quite fast.

Overflowing toilet – there are a number of reasons why a toilet would overflow. It’s often a messy situation and not a lot of people want to deal with this kind of issue. It’s best to have a plumber come in and fix the issue.

Awful sewage smell – you shouldn’t be able to smell your sewage from inside your home. In cases where you can smell the stench, that means there’s a problem. Your sewer could be blocked or stalled. Again, this is another dirty job that no ordinary homeowner would try to resolve on their own. Calling in a plumber is the best solution.

Hot water issues – who doesn’t want to take a hot shower? While it’s convenient to have hot water on the go, it’s equally inconvenient when your water heater stops working. One of the most common issues you could run into with your water heater is by it not producing any hot water. It’s frustrating at times when this simple task gets hindered. In cases where your water heater stops working, be sure to call in experts like NMB Plumbing Pros.

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