Emergency Plumber And When To Call One

emergency plumberPlumbing issues range from simple leaks to major problems like flooding which could lead to severe water damage. However, there’s no written rule on when anyone should call an emergency plumber. So, when do people need to make a call to the nearest plumber? There are instances that can be brushed aside for the moment. Leaking faucets are not that troublesome just yet. It will take a while before it could go worse. However, this does not mean that you should dismiss it right away. You should still take care of the issue at hand to prevent things from escalating.

Signs that you should call an emergency plumber

  1. There’s a clear risk of flooding – there are a number of instances that could lead to flooding. It’s good to understand the risks that come with flooding and water damage. Not only will it lead to property damage, but flooding can also be fatal when water reaches the wall outlets and cause electrocution. The common culprits for flooding involve a backed up sewer, burst pipe, or water shutoff valve failure. These are the most common reasons that cause flooding. If ever you see these signs, be ready to call the nearest North Myrtle Beach emergency plumber.
  1. Severely backed up sewer – the sewer deals with all the waste water that exits the home. As you can imagine, dealing with a backed up sewer is not something anyone would like. Other than that, a backed up sewer is a bit of a dirty job even for an experienced plumbing contractor. When the sewer is clogged, it backs up and causes a number of issues that can affect the house and the people living in it.
  1. No water on tap – when there is no water on the tap, there are just a couple of causes. It’s either the main supply shutoff valve is turned off, there’s low water pressure or a blockage in the waterline. You should contact your local plumber immediately if you find that you don’t have any water in your house.
  1. Risk of bursting pipes – newly laid pipelines are not commonly at risk of bursting. Older pipes that have corroded over time have a higher chance of bursting and causing flooding. Another cause for bursting pipes is low temperatures. When the water inside the pipes freeze, it expands and pushed on the inside of the pipes. The immense pressure will sometimes break the pipes open and burst.

When faced with any of these situations, it’s best to call a plumber immediately. Minor leaks can wait. However, you should never leave any plumbing issues unattended for so long. Even the smallest leak can become a major problem in the long run. In case you run into a flooded basement, you should phone in the experts such as NMB Plumbing Pros for plumbing repair. Do bear in mind that without expertise, tools, and knowledge, you will never be able to fix plumbing problems on your own.

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