Eco-Friendly Plumbing Tips

plumbingNowadays, homeowners are becoming more conscious of how their decisions impact the environment. Everything from food down to plumbing, everything has an eco-friendly alternative. When it comes to plumbing, there are a lot of ways on how to be as eco-friendly as possible. The process is relatively easy and there’s minimal cost involved. Check out some of the things you could do to make your plumbing have a lot less impact on the environment:

Green plumbing isn’t hard to accomplish once all information about it is laid out

Insulated piping – one of the most common ways of going eco-friendly plumbing is to have your pipes insulated. Once the pipes have been insulated, heat will no longer dissipate the same as it would when it had no sheathing. Insulation is normally used on pipes that run hot water from the heater to the faucets or shower.

Use on-demand water heaters – boilers are just fine. They deliver hot water when you need it. However, they use up a lot of energy to maintain the heat of the water when it is not in use. Ask your plumbing contractor how you can make the upgrade. On-demand water heaters take up a lot less electricity. They only generate hot water when you need it. That means it does not run on idle and automatically switches on when the stock water is going cold.

Use low-flow faucets and showers – have you ever noticed the flow of water coming out of your showers and faucets? If you don’t really a clue how the internals of faucets and showers work, you should take time to learn. Low-flow showers and faucets offer a better alternative than the conventional ones you may know. As the name suggests, these kind of plumbing fixtures still give you the same functionality but with less water. You would barely notice the difference but in reality, low-flow fixtures save you a lot of water.

Use low-flush toilets – these toilets use the same concept as with low-flow faucets and showers. In general, the conventional toilet uses 13 liters of water per flush. That’s a lot of water when you come to think of it. On the other hand, low-flush toilets use half of the water that conventional toilets take up. If you have a big family, you can easily add up how much savings you get.

These upgrades generally provide the same functionality as with conventional plumbing fixtures. There isn’t really that much difference with how they function. On the other hand, when you talk about eco-friendly plumbing it refers to minimal energy and water usage. In general, conventional plumbing fixtures use up a lot of water. When you add it all up, it’s just like you’re pouring money down the drain for no reason. For these upgrades, you will need the assistance of a plumbing contractor in North Myrtle Beach.

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