The Most Common Causes Of Leaky Pipes

plumbing leaksUnfixed plumbing leaks can cause serious damage to your home. It can be difficult to prevent water damage, especially if you don’t have any experience with plumbing systems. There are many reasons water leaks can occur. Knowing all possible causes will allow you to recognize when it is time for an emergency plumber. This will also help protect your plumbing pipes from future water leaks.

Advanced Corrosion

Pipe materials are not guaranteed to last forever. Corrosion, such as rust, will eventually cause pipes to corrode and leak water. If your plumbing system has been in use for over three decades, it will be more susceptible to corrosion. The piping materials used in those years are not as resistant to corrosion as the newer materials on the market. When the water’s chemical composition and PH is off-balance, your plumbing system can develop corrosion.

Seals that have been degraded

Some plumbing systems do not have metal pipes. Industrial rubber seals can be found in places where pipes connect to fixtures. These seals are used to ensure that connections are watertight. The plumbing seals, just like pipes, also wear down over time. Water can escape from a leaky seal if it cracks or crumbles. Corrosion can also be a problem with old seals that are too dry. Contact NMB Plumbing Pros for more information on how to deal with corrosion and other plumbing problems.

Increased water pressure

While high water pressure is great for showering, it can lead to leaks in the pipes. Worse, too much water pressure can cause burst pipes. Even in mild cases, excessive water pressure can lead to fixtures leaking after a stoppage of the water flow. If you notice any of these changes, it is best to call an emergency plumber who will test the pressure and adjust if necessary.

Cracks on Fixtures

You might notice a leak if a faucet or any of the pipes that are connected to it have cracked. These cracks are usually caused by impact. These cracks may also develop from impact, as in the case of a sink. This is due to the repeated impact of items being forced into the cabinet space. If you notice damage to the fixture or nearby pipes, get a replacement immediately.

Incorrect Pipe Laying

A licensed North Myrtle Beach plumber should handle plumbing work. Incorrect plumbing installation can lead to serious leaks and plumbing emergencies. Even minor mistakes can cause extensive water damage that is not immediately apparent. Because water must flow against gravity in a number of places, it is important that both connectors and plumbing pipes are correctly placed. Backflow equipment should also be used when necessary. If you suspect that your pipes are not installed correctly, call an emergency plumber.

Clogs that have not been treated

Although drain clogs may seem like a nuisance, they can cause serious plumbing problems. If a clog contains corrosive chemicals it can cause damage to your pipes and lead to holes. Chemical drain cleaners should be avoided because they can trap harmful substances in one spot. Chemical solutions are not always able to remove all clogs. They can remain in pipes for long periods of time without causing major damage.

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