Ancient And Modern Plumbing Methods

plumberDid you know that people who lived thousands of years ago also had their own plumbing methods? Their ways were quite crude back then. Since they don’t have the technology, machinery, and the materials to make pipes and other plumbing conveniences we have today. They also didn’t have the local plumber that you could ever so easily call today. Let’s explore how people have come about bringing centuries-old technology, continuing to refine them over the centuries, and down to the modern-day plumbing we know of today.

Plumbing trivia – The term plumber dates back to the Roman Empire

At around 3,000 and 4,000 BC, our ancestors were already using primitive plumbing as evidence suggests. There have been numerous excavations and findings that suggest the people who lived at the time had access to such technology that made it easier for a community to live alongside each other without the horrid smell of human waste. A few thousand years later, the plumbing technology has advanced but it is still quite primitive in today’s standard. However, the improvement was significant and is also quite evident in the age of copper. During the said era, people were crafting more than just plumbing, they were using copper for almost anything imaginable where the metal could be used.

The Aqueducts

During the rise of empires, Greece, Egypt, and ancient Rome were leaders in their own right. That being said, they also had interest in growing the technology used for the convenience of everyday living. Before them, only royalty or people in power could have experienced these technological advancements. But by the time the great empires arose, the started making way for huge expansion. And with huge expansion came the necessity for convenience in the city. This gave birth to the aqueducts which effectively carried water from one place to another. Since Egypt, Greece, and Rome had set up their major cities away from sources of water, they needed a way to route the life-giving liquid into the cities for them to prosper. The answer was the aqueducts and this technology is still in use today.

Indoor plumbing

Back in the days, there wasn’t any real indoor plumbing. Water was still fetched either from a well or from the river. That was still a major problem for growing nations. From 200 BC to 400 AD, people began using newer technologies that paved the way for the modern plumbing conveniences we have today like showers and faucets. They also began creating the profession of a residential plumber.

With a rich history of slow but steady advancements in plumbing, we are quite lucky to be a generation living in an age where it’s easy to call a North Myrtle Beach Plumber and have plumbing problems fixed. Nowadays, plumbing experts like NMB Plumbing Pros abound and such services are easily accessible through the phone, the internet, or the traditional means of heading over to their office.

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