8 Common Plumbing Problems And Why They Require Immediate Repair

plumbingResearch has shown that the frequency of calling a plumber is hugely dependent on the age of the home. People living in older homes typically have aging plumbing, therefore adds to the risk of problems. Newer homes, on the other hand, don’t have it quite bad. In general, homeowners call a plumber once every three years. It’s not really that much. However, older homes require more attention which is the reason why some homeowners call plumbers at least once a year. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems and why you should have it repaired right away.

Plumbing problems range from simple to complicated depending on the age

  1. Dripping faucets – almost everyone you know have had this kind of problem before. It’s also not something that people would categorize as urgent but it does wastewater. The longer it takes for you to call a plumber and have it fixed, the more money you’re simply wasting.
  1. Leaky pipes – most of the time, the leaks in your pipes occur in the joints which just happens to be in all of your plumbing. There are times when the thread of the pipes doesn’t create a water-tight seal which is the reason why the water would leak out. Another cause of this is water expansion. During the winter when the water freezes over, any exposed pipes with water running through them would have a high chance of bursting.
  1. Running toilets – one of the common plumbing problems we all hate is the running toilet. Basically, running toilets could potentially drain away 200 gallons of water per day. When you do the math that equates to a huge sum of money. This problem is easily fixed, though. If you can’t or don’t have the time, hiring a plumber is cheaper and more convenient.
  1. Low water pressure – when there is the low water pressure in your home, it’s not something to worry about. You won’t be spending more money on anything because nothing is being wasted apart from your time, that is. Low water pressure could intervene with the normal tasks like showering and other chores that use up water.
  1. Leaking hose bibb – since they are normally located outside your house, they don’t have any protection against the elements and certainly not against freezing temperatures. When the water expands and turns into ice in the winter, the hose bibb could potentially leak.
  1. Faulty sump pumps – after prolonged heavy rain, the sump pump could fail. This is not something that the average homeowner would have the skills to repair. It’s best to call in a North Myrtle Beach plumbing contractor to take care of the problem.
  1. Clogged drains – a clogged drain can quickly turn into a nightmare when the water in your shower backs up. It can be alleviated with the help of basic tools, though. However, if you don’t have the time to fiddle around trying to unclog whatever it is that’s stuck down there, it’s better to call in professionals like NMB Plumbing Pros to handle the job for you.
  1. Broken water heater – your water heater could have numerous problems depending on different factors. However, you shouldn’t try DIY repairs on this one as it could turn into an even bigger problem.

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