6 Tips On How To Avoid A Plumbing Disaster

residential plumberIt’s not every day that you encounter a plumbing problem but when you do, always call your residential plumber. There are a lot of things that could cause your plumbing to fail and worse, on a very inconvenient time. Whilst your plumber could solve all of your plumbing concerns, you can prevent the problems in the first place with a good routine. Here are some things that you can do at home to steer clear of a plumbing nightmare:

Always call a residential plumber or emergency plumber in case you have an urgent plumbing concern

  1. Don’t pour greasy substances down the sink – it’s tempting to just pour the old cooking oil or that grease left from the dinner you cooked down the sink. However, it’s not such a good idea after your sink backed up due to a nasty clog. Grease can harden once it cools down and you don’t want this reaction to happened down your sink. It would cost you time and money to get the clog out. Be prepared to find a plumber in North Myrtle Beach in case of a nasty clog.
  1. Be wary of flushable wipes – you can find a lot of products in the market that claim to be “flushable” wipes. But are they really just going to flush without a problem? The simple answer is, no. Flushable wipes, despite their popularity, can cause more harm than good. You toilet wouldn’t like it if you flushed wipes too often as it could cause major clogs that don’t easily be taken out.
  1. Leave those exposed pipes alone – your plumbing contractor would not recommend this practice. Exposed pipes are often used as a hanger for a number of things. Do remember that your pipes serve one purpose and that’s to carry liquids in and out of your home and not for hanging things on it.
  1. Don’t use those drop-in bowl cleaners – nobody dreams of scrubbing their toilet clean. In fact, it’s one of the jobs that people hate the most. With that being said, it’s tempting to just throw in one of those drop-in bowl cleaners and get it over with. However, these type of toilet bowl cleaners can be too corrosive. Some of these drop-in bowl cleaners can east their way through your pipes. Avoid using such products to keep your pipes intact.
  1. Use stainless steel washer hoses instead of rubber ones – while rubber hoses for your washing machine might work just fine, there’s still a risk of it rupturing. Better yet, install one of those stainless steel hoses to be sure it won’t burst even when water pressure is high.
  1. Don’t be too hard on your garbage disposal unit – your disposal isn’t a waste management miracle. It has its limits and you should know about them. Don’t throw in items that are too hard and too big. Also, don’t drop in more than it could process.

In case you still encounter plumbing problems at home, don’t hesitate to give local plumbing experts like NMB Plumbing Pros a call. They are always there to take your call and fix your plumbing issues.

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