5 Common Causes Of Noisy Water Pipes

residential plumberAny unusual sound coming from your water pipes could be a cause for concern but there’s no need to panic. There are several things that could be the source of the weird sound. If you find it, who knows, you might be able to fix it after all. Or better yet, call a residential plumber to have it fixed. Listed below are five of the most common causes of noisy water pipes.

Plumbing problems that cause noisy pipes

Water Hammer – As mentioned earlier, there are several factors that may cause noisy pipes. The first one on the list is water hammer. The water that moves through the pipe and then out the faucet does so with force and speed. If you turn off the faucet, the water flow will be put to a sudden stop. But where does all that energy go? Generally, in the wall behind every hot and cold faucet is an air chamber that is around 10 inches of vertically soldered pipe.

Once the rushing water is put to a sudden halt, it’ll push up the vertical pipe where it’ll hit an air cushion in the pipe. That will prevent the water force from making the pipe hammer or rattle. These days, commercial air cushions are placed in the exact same place and do the exact same job. Hammering could then develop since over time, that air is eventually lost as well as its cushioning effect.

How To Stop Water Hammering – Get rid of water hammering by turning off the main water, opening every faucet, and drain the entire house from the lowest faucet. If you turn on the water supply once again, air will be pushed back into the risers made to stop water hammer. You also have the fastest option which is to hire a local plumber.

Loose Pipes – Loose pipes are a common cause of noisy water pipes. The flushed water will move quickly and in huge volumes, which could lead to pipe swaying, which leads to a rattling sound.

How To Repair Loose Pipes – Drain pipes are generally suspended from the floor joists that are located under your home and a slight destabilization is all that it takes. You can find the source of the noise if you crawl under your house. Bring the flashlight with you and as someone flushes the toilet, try to listen and find where the sound is coming from. If you can’t figure out where the problem is coming from, better have a local plumber over to have a look at it.

Worn Out Washer – If you notice a whistling or squeaky sound in the water pipes, it could be caused by a worn out washer in the valve or faucet. The main source of this sound is located in the valves that link to the washing machine.

How To Deal With A Worn Out Washer – In case you find that the noise comes up when the washer is on, you can easily fix the problem. Turn off the valve and inspect the washers in the hose. If they are cracked or look worn out, be sure to replace them right away. In case that isn’t the problem, turn off the house water and fix the faucet. One of the washers of the faucet could be worn out or perhaps the valve seat has deteriorated, which causes the water to be forced through a tiny opening and trigger the noisy pipes.

Main Shut Off Valve – Another common source of squealing water pipes, especially when it appears to be coming from the house can be either the water pressure regulator or the main shut off valve for your home.

How To Repair The Main House Valve – For the main house valve, switch off the water at the street valve first and then repair or replace the main shut off valve. If that isn’t the cause of the problem, then check the pressure reducer on the incoming cold water line if you have any. The noise might be coming from the manifold of the reducer. For more complex problems, it would be better to call in experts like NMB Plumbing Pros for quick repairs.

Toilets – The toilet can also be the cause of the noise. After flushing, if you hear a rattling or banging sound once the filling cycle ends, then the ballcock assembly could be worn out.

How To Repair The Toilet – Depending on how new the ballcock assembly is as well as its style, you should still be able to repair it. If not, you have to replace it with a better one.

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