3 Plumbing Problems That Need Immediate Attention

plumbing contractor North Myrtle BeachHomeowners normally encounter a bunch of plumbing problems at home ranging from minor to major issues. Most of the time, plumbing issues are better off left to a professional plumbing contractor. Your plumbing at home is, of course, an essential part of everyday living. That’s why it should function all the time. However, there are also some minor plumbing problems that you can fix on your own. Although it does not apply to all plumbing concerns, some can be fixed without professional assistance. Here are some of the most common plumbing issues that you can resolve by yourself:

Common plumbing issues that don’t require a plumbing contractor

Leaking faucets – you’ve probably seen it a couple of times before and you would know just how annoying leaking faucets could get. If left unattended, leaking faucets could waste a lot of water. Luckily, a leaking faucet isn’t something that’s beyond the regular homeowner. There are a few reasons why your faucet would leak and there are a bunch of solutions too. Most of the time, a leaking faucet is caused by a bad washer or O-ring. To repair it, you need to turn off the water leading to the faucet, which is normally under the sink. Then, carefully remove the faucet and start disassembling. If you find that the faucet is beyond repair, you could always buy a new one and install it instead. If unsure about the entire process, you could always call in professionals like NMB Plumbing Pros for help. They would know exactly what to do to put an end to that leaking faucet.

Leaking toilet – there are numerous definitions to a leaking toilet. Some of the most common causes for a leaking toilet is a malfunctioning flapper. The flapper is what controls the water in the tank. When the flapper or parts of it gets corroded, it could lead to improper sealing which could result in leaks. Replacing the flapper could be done by a novice DIYer which means the average homeowner has nothing to worry about. However, for toilet leaks that start from the base, it is an entirely different story. You may need to have toilet repair to get rid of the problem.

Drain problems – among the most common plumbing problem that you could encounter is a clogged drain. There are also a number of solutions that you could use. Chemical solutions offer an easier way to clear your drains of any clogs. However, it is not recommended to use caustic chemicals to unclog drains due to the negative effects the chemicals have. It is much better to use a drain snake or auger instead. But before that, you could always use your trusty plunger in hopes of releasing the clog with simply air pressure alone. On the other hand, there are instances where professional drain cleaning services will be necessary. These scenarios involve clogs that are too far to reach using the conventional drain snake that you could buy.

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